Daddy, will you help me say it?

09 Jul

Caleb and I just had a talk, in the bathroom at that, about the importance of listening and obeying.  He really wanted a red clip, and I challenged him to say to me, “I will listen to you and obey you daddy.”  At first he did not want to; but, then he asked for help – “Will you help me say it daddy?”  I told him he could do it, and asked him if it was that his heart did not want to do it.  He said yes.  Then, I realized that I often ask God for help to carry out what I know is obedience when I am challenged with wanting to in my heart.  So, I helped guide Caleb through the words.  He asked me to hold him as I helped him talk through, “I will listen and obey you, daddy.”

Sometimes I need God to hold me and talk me through my obedience.  Here, I thought I was teaching Caleb the importance of listening to and obeying daddy.  But, the real lesson is for me to listen and be obedient to my Daddy with a capital D for Father God (YHVH).

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