Warrior Shooting Principle Learned

23 Aug

“Never point your gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.”

My three and a half year old son, Caleb, can now recite this important lesson in firearms training. In the last few days, Caleb is showing a huge interest in target practice with his single shot Nerf UMP-style gun. His laser focus is like a sniper. I also taught him the difference between target shooting and point shooting. As he loads one round at a time with such intense focus and determination to be on point, he makes me a proud daddy.

Caleb’s target is a laid over table with a sticky note on it for target acquisition. The sticky note has a small circle filled in to focus on.

Did I say Caleb is three and a half?

Oh, and my one and a half year old, Justice, is following suit to his brother. He was even asking Caleb to help him load and cock the Nerf gun. Of course, he hasn’t grasped the principle and sometimes you have to duck at his rounds.

Proud Warrior daddy of my warrior sons,




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