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Warrior Strong!

This started with my son, Caleb, whose name transliterated means “Mad dog for God.” And, his middle name is Michael, who is the Warrior angel of God. These meanings combined with a fist pump, became a war chant of “Caleb Michael Lancaster!, Mad dog for God!, WARRIOR STRONG!”

Now, with Justice Archer, who is my second little warrior, we have carried on the Warrior Strong! Sometimes it’s exclaimed, “Warrior for God!” The important principle of the WarriorStrong4YHVH Mindset, and really “Heartset”, is that it is with intensity and with principle. It is always in Christ’s strength, and always encouraging.

Even in failure, my boys will be encouraged to be Warrior Strong for God, in God, and by His strength in them. Whether in celebration of the hit of a baseball, or a challenge to make it up a hill on a bicycle, or to get through a tough moment of decision, they will be encouraged to be Warrior Strong.

This blog is dedicated to Caleb and Justice, Warriors for God. In so much as it is an encouragement for my boys to grow into Warriors for God it is a reminder to me to be Warrior Strong for God for them.

I pray you are encouraged and challenged to be Warrior Strong for God.

Will you proclaim it with me? “WARRIOR STRONG!  WARRIOR STRONG FOR GOD!”  Say it!  Proclaim it!

Brian Lancaster
Warrior for God
Father of Warriors for God


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