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Be careful …


Perception and Reality

The reality of one is not necessarily reality; and, though it is their reality it does not mean it is real.  There is always another side.

However, you must remain sensitive to the fact that the perceived reality of another is real to them.  You must make a choice to defend yourself and potentially ruin the relationship in proving what you know; or, you accept responsibility in feeding into the perception and love them through their reality.  This is redemption in action.  This is love. 

I humbly choose love.

Be love and warrior strong for YHVH.

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Addressing Challenges in Life

What seems like a logical and likely valuable solution is quite often the most illogical and likely useless solution. 

– Brian Lancaster

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Warrior Shooting Principle Learned

“Never point your gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.”

My three and a half year old son, Caleb, can now recite this important lesson in firearms training. In the last few days, Caleb is showing a huge interest in target practice with his single shot Nerf UMP-style gun. His laser focus is like a sniper. I also taught him the difference between target shooting and point shooting. As he loads one round at a time with such intense focus and determination to be on point, he makes me a proud daddy.

Caleb’s target is a laid over table with a sticky note on it for target acquisition. The sticky note has a small circle filled in to focus on.

Did I say Caleb is three and a half?

Oh, and my one and a half year old, Justice, is following suit to his brother. He was even asking Caleb to help him load and cock the Nerf gun. Of course, he hasn’t grasped the principle and sometimes you have to duck at his rounds.

Proud Warrior daddy of my warrior sons,




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Family strong.

What are you doing today to cultivate your family relationships? We often divert to watch a show or movie (not to say there aren’t times when that is a positive experience), but when it’s the norm how does that really contribute to relationship? So many distractions exist to keep you away from your relationships. Technology has given you access to so much more ___________ (fill in the blank). But, it has also robbed you of human interaction. When is the last time you played catch, chase or just conversed.

When is the last time you had a technologically distraction free meal with your loved ones? God said it is not good for man to be alone, and has given you great blessing in relationship. Satan seeks to separate you from relationship. Your battle will always have distraction to keep you from spending time with your family.

“Family involvement is a valuable thing and playing together actively can be the ’90s version of it. Instead of just watching, you can do it together… something we don’t spend enough time on. We can motivate and excite each other about fitness.”- Alan Thicke

Be Warrior Strong and Family Strong.

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Warrior Strong!

This started with my son, Caleb, whose name transliterated means “Mad dog for God.” And, his middle name is Michael, who is the Warrior angel of God. These meanings combined with a fist pump, became a war chant of “Caleb Michael Lancaster!, Mad dog for God!, WARRIOR STRONG!”

Now, with Justice Archer, who is my second little warrior, we have carried on the Warrior Strong! Sometimes it’s exclaimed, “Warrior for God!” The important principle of the WarriorStrong4YHVH Mindset, and really “Heartset”, is that it is with intensity and with principle. It is always in Christ’s strength, and always encouraging.

Even in failure, my boys will be encouraged to be Warrior Strong for God, in God, and by His strength in them. Whether in celebration of the hit of a baseball, or a challenge to make it up a hill on a bicycle, or to get through a tough moment of decision, they will be encouraged to be Warrior Strong.

This blog is dedicated to Caleb and Justice, Warriors for God. In so much as it is an encouragement for my boys to grow into Warriors for God it is a reminder to me to be Warrior Strong for God for them.

I pray you are encouraged and challenged to be Warrior Strong for God.

Will you proclaim it with me? “WARRIOR STRONG!  WARRIOR STRONG FOR GOD!”  Say it!  Proclaim it!

Brian Lancaster
Warrior for God
Father of Warriors for God


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