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Caleb and Justice,

Soon we will have our time together. I love you boys more than you will ever know.

I’m sitting on the bench, well one of the benches, we used to stop at on our adventures.  No cows are out to say Hi, but they probably knew you two wouldn’t be here to entertain them.  I’m reminded of playing catch, eating snacks, and just laughing and having a good time enjoying the air with you two.

I love and miss you and pray that when you read this one day, your memories will be preserved from the isolation you are experiencing from your daddy right now.

I love you Caleb and Justice!

Stay Warrior strong!


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Posted by on May 4, 2013 in Moments


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Daddy, will you help me say it?

Caleb and I just had a talk, in the bathroom at that, about the importance of listening and obeying.  He really wanted a red clip, and I challenged him to say to me, “I will listen to you and obey you daddy.”  At first he did not want to; but, then he asked for help – “Will you help me say it daddy?”  I told him he could do it, and asked him if it was that his heart did not want to do it.  He said yes.  Then, I realized that I often ask God for help to carry out what I know is obedience when I am challenged with wanting to in my heart.  So, I helped guide Caleb through the words.  He asked me to hold him as I helped him talk through, “I will listen and obey you, daddy.”

Sometimes I need God to hold me and talk me through my obedience.  Here, I thought I was teaching Caleb the importance of listening to and obeying daddy.  But, the real lesson is for me to listen and be obedient to my Daddy with a capital D for Father God (YHVH).

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