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Caleb and Justice,

Soon we will have our time together. I love you boys more than you will ever know.

I’m sitting on the bench, well one of the benches, we used to stop at on our adventures.  No cows are out to say Hi, but they probably knew you two wouldn’t be here to entertain them.  I’m reminded of playing catch, eating snacks, and just laughing and having a good time enjoying the air with you two.

I love and miss you and pray that when you read this one day, your memories will be preserved from the isolation you are experiencing from your daddy right now.

I love you Caleb and Justice!

Stay Warrior strong!


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Dear Caleb and Justice…

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Perception and Reality

The reality of one is not necessarily reality; and, though it is their reality it does not mean it is real.  There is always another side.

However, you must remain sensitive to the fact that the perceived reality of another is real to them.  You must make a choice to defend yourself and potentially ruin the relationship in proving what you know; or, you accept responsibility in feeding into the perception and love them through their reality.  This is redemption in action.  This is love. 

I humbly choose love.

Be love and warrior strong for YHVH.

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